Thursday, November 1, 2007

what a week

i havent blogged in a few days, but that's alright. I've been busy, because marks close tomorrow and i have been trying to get everything in to my teachers before then. I think that i have done a pretty good job, and i should be getting good grades for first quarter.

I worked again today, and imust say that i really sort of like my job. It can get busy and a bit stressful at times, but for the most part i really like it. Today i ordered food after i got out of worl for my mom and my sister, and dave, one of the managers, gave it to me for free. He's great guy, he really is. He is funny and always manages to be in a good mood at work, which is what businesses want in today's workplace.

I have taken up speedskating as a hobby, and am looking forward to saturday night's session. We havent skated in a while, and i need to train for the tournament on november 17th in Boston. Im pretty excited to compete and see how i match up against other skaters in my age bracket, because i think i will do well, but maybe i really suck and just dont know it.

Im going to rest now, and maybe finish up a chemistry lab.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Burger King Song

Good Lord, help us.

Reincarnation at BK

Ahh, yet another insightful day at the good ol' Burger King. I leraned by observing how to do two things today. 1: I learned how to make a whopper and a whopper jr.
2: I learned how to use the cash register

Both of which a deaf, dumb, and Blind donkey could've figured out on it's own. My co-worker Jason was thinking that if Hinduism is the one true religion out there, we've all been eating cows this whole time. My how we have sinned. What will be reincarnated as?

I was thinkking I would be something lowly like an ant, because i eat a lot of cows. Whoppers are good things. Some say a whopper is good for the heart, i think they mean figuratively. Because literally, a whopper is probably the WORST thing you could do to your heart, clogging up arteries and all. I think that they should say that it is good for the soul, because then there are no mix-ups.

Im not in a very writing-type of mood tonight, that's why i still havent written my paper for U.S History yet. I'll do it in study hall.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

At Your Funeral

Saves the Day-At Your Funeral

I think my funeral is coming soon...

I hate being sick.

still sick...

I have confirmed that four days of The Price Is Right and The History Channel isnt good for anyone. The doctors think that i have mononucleosis, which basically means that i will have a sore throat for several weeks and i will sleep alot. They told me that i can go in tomorrow and they will draw blood to find out, and they also told me to enjoy the ice-cream and movies for two weeks. Damn the doctors.

I have a pretty decent amount of work that i missed from being out of school, and it will continue to add up. My teachers were nice enough to send some of it home for me, which should help a little. HOwever, naturally i dont feel like doing it. The only things i have done so far is a worksheet for intro-to-business and a paper for journalism. I have to hand in some US History stuff, some of which was already done because it was supposed to be due back on monday anyway. I actually miss school.

Now im going to the library to find movies to watch. I prefer the library rather than the video store because the library is free. I used to like Video Vendor, because i could rent movies for one dollar. They went out of business a couple months ago though, so now i have to get movies at The movie gallery. The Movie Gallery is a total rip-off. Its like, five bucks to rent a movie. Their argument was that i get the movie for five days as opposed to the three days i got it for at video vendor. Im only going to watch the movie once. Most likely the night i get it.

I dislike being sick, but i must admit that the significant amounts of ice-cream help lift the spirits.

Monday, October 22, 2007

simply sickening

im sick. My throat will be the death of me. It hurts to swallow, so i have a trash can next to the couch that i can just spit my extra saliva into. AS soon as i woke up this morning, which happened to be at three A.M, i knew i was not fit for ordinary activity. I dragged myself out of bed around eleven to watch the price is right, as i have been dying to see it wiht it's new host Drew Carey. I was disappointed to find that thehost is still paid to tell everyone to spay and neuter their pets at the end of every episode.

Drew Carey is a better host than Bob Barker. His skin is not orange from excessive tanning, and he doesnt molest the models that show off the products. He is funny, and embraces everyone that goes on the show. Bob barker had this way of only hugging the pretty ladies. Drew hugs everyone, ugly ladies, pretty ladies, ugly men and pretty men, which could of course leave questions about his sexuality unanswered, but that isnt my problem.

Speaking of sexuality, has anyone heard that our beloved Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books is gay? J.K Rowling said it herself in front of a large audience at carnegie hall.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I forgot that i had to do my chemistry project by tomorrow, so i was rushing to finish my video about dextromethorphan, which is the chemical in cough medicines that make people go loopy. After i was very close to finishing, i had forgotten to save it and the ocpmuter froze. Naturally, i was very pissed off. I finally got that done.

I also had to work all day today. Good ol' Burger King. WE had tree buses come in today, so it was very busy and i got uqite overwhelmed a coupl eof times. it was nice that i had managers to help me though, they helped me get through the tough part sof the day.

To topit all off, i have the worst sire throat i have ever had in my life. I feel like i was punched in the jugular several times, and then forced ot swallow a can of pepsi whole. Blech. Im going to bed, and then going to the doctors tomorrow.